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KRINSS offers a gated community home with design in evolution, blending with nature, constantly evolving in an unending journey to perfection and let the customer go on a journey of self discovery.
Living in Krinss can be defined as having a joyful lifestyle, cocooned in the bounty of nature, unfolding a stage for magical moments of life and with the minimalist approach achieves vast flowing spaces which merge seamlessly with the exteriors and strike out an immediate chord with eternal joy.

Energy efficiency has been a top priority resulting in usage of CFL & LED lighting and solar energy harnessing for exterior lighting additionally, recycled water through STP will be used to irrigate vast tracts of landscaping. And at the same time all our projects have our internationally acclaimed architect’s expertise suggestion who also adept at Vastu principles of India. The team has incorporated Vastu principles in designs working closely with Vastu experts as well.

The clubhouse is central to social life at Krinss. On the other hand the clubhouse offers numerous rejuvenating facilities to indulge in. With all this at one place, we can conclude KRINSS is where nature collaborates with construction to create an aura of a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

  • Work DoneTotal Infrastructure
  • Duration2 Week
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